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Why Deposits? Why Watermarks?

Illustration by Meg Munaretto.

Why do 99% of tattoo studios require NON-REFUNDABLE deposits and watermark their drawings for you?

Because we are NOT millionaires despite popular belief. We are small business men and women. We are trying to feed our families and ourselves on the sole skill of being able to create art. We have a gift. Why would you want to steal that?

Theft of art is so incredibly easy with digital apparatuses and social media being the number one item in everyone's pocket today. The countless hours stripped away to nothing with the click of a button or the snap of a camera.

We do not get paid by the hour to do this for you.

So, that small deposit of $50 or $100 might seem a lot in the short run, but that puts us at times making less than minimum wage to use our gift. Would you want to work for $5.00 or even $10.00 an hour? And then be treated like you are a scam artist for charging money for your precious time?

That's time away from our families, time away from our home life, and often time away from taking care of ourselves. And we do it, every day, to see that glorious smile on your faces when we create something from nothing just for you.

We love what we do, but it is a business, a career choice if you will.

So next time you engage an artist, please keep in mind that they are people too. Despite their awesome gift.

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