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The piercings prices below do not guarantee that you will be able to get a piercing. EVERYONE must have a current and valid GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID. This includes minors. Please see the Piercings for Minors information page for details. Prices are subject to change and we update the web prices often so always check here or at the shop for the most current pricing. If you have any other piercing related questions, please see our FAQ page or send us a message on our contact page. 

* Surface Piercings require a consultation and the participant MUST be over 18 to be considered eligible to partake. 

** Corset Piercings require a consultation and the participant MUST be over 21 to be considered eligible to partake. There is a minimum 6 piercing purchase to get a corset piercing. 

*** Jewelry changes are priced per piercing. We WILL do the first jewelry change for free for piercing clients that received their piercing at Black Lace Ink. 


  • Minors are eligible for certain piercings. Please see the Piercing for Minors page for restrictions and requirements.

  • We will not pierce anyone who is under the influence, pregnant, nursing, on blood thinners, or has had recent surgery.

  • There is a limit of 2 people plus the piercer allowed in the piercing room during a piercing procedure. Please keep this in mind. 

  • No piercing will be completed without the proper documentation. 

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