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Think before you type:

Don't tear people down...

Don't tear people down

We understand as people, and as artists, that things don't always go the way you planned. People aren't ALWAYS at their best, people don't always say or do the things that you would expect, and understanding goes a REALLY long way.

I mention this because it has been weighing heavy on my mind that people and artists are very quick to judge at times. I guess I am reminiscing something my mother always said...people do not just wake up with the intention of ruining your day. That still rings true for me today as much as it did as a young adult.

So...before you decide to trash someone on social media, write a nasty review dragging someone's hard work through the mud, maybe you should take a minute and ask yourself..."How did I play a part in what happened?" I really feel that self reflection and communication are the key to healthy client/artist relationships and just all around good business practice.

If something didn't go the way you expected...COMMUNICATE. Maybe there is something that was missed on both sides. When something doesn't turn out the way you expected...SELF REFLECT. Ask yourself what could you have done differently to change the outcome. So many people are quick to throw their artist and the shop they work for in the trash over a situation blown so far out of proportion. And for as many examples as I have seen of that, I have seen artists throw clients in the trash over the same silly issues. HAVE SOME DAMN PATIENCE PEOPLE! time something doesn't go the way you expect in the next tattoo studio that you walk into...remember...THESE PEOPLE DID NOT WAKE UP ATTEMPTING TO RUIN YOUR DAY, YOUR SKIN, OR YOUR EXPERIENCE.

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