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    Often times, people ask me how long I have been interested in art. I can happily say that through the long-term support and encouragement of my family and loved ones, it has basically been since day one! I always knew I wanted to have a career in art, but never truly knew where that would lead until I was in college. A light bulb shined bright and strong upon an assignment for my speech class, in which I had to give an informative speech on any topic of my choosing. In an attempt to choose a subject I thought many others would not have chosen, I decided to research the history of tattooing. From then on, my love for that art form was sealed.


    Around this time, I began working at a shop, where as fate would have it, I met Meg! This began a difficult but worthwhile journey for me to becoming a tattooer.


    Today, I am proud to say that I have been tattooing for over 5 years. While some of my favorite pieces to do include floral, abstract, watercolor/painting, and recreation, I truly believe in working as many styles as possible. I love to do everything from full color, color wash, black and gray, to solid blackwork! This does not exclude simple line work as well! I love taking challenges in my profession.


    Check out my work on this website, as well as on our Facebook page. Reach me through our online appointment requests, my professional email, or call the shop to schedule a consultation. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Please also check out my Instagram!




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