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Meg Munaretto

Many, many moons ago I decided to get my first tattoo. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I was going to get one...on my hand of all places...from the first shop I found.


​I was greeted with laughable hilarity as I was just a kid. They said no. No Way were they going to put a tattoo on my hand!


​After much deliberation I decided no matter what...I was getting a visible tattoo! So...I settled for the back of my neck. After that...I fell in love with the experience...I was already planning my next one.


​The next one I designed and sketched for my new buddy artist...and then another sketch for the friend that I brought in the next day. It became such an enthralling experience and I was bringing in so much business...the manager offered me a job as the shop girl.


My about an apprenticeship...


​I ended up doing a piercing apprenticeship while I was honing my art craft and learning everything the business had to offer. I am now a Master Piercer with over 20 years of experience with everything from Dermals to Daiths. Five years later...I began my tattoo apprenticeship at last!


​Years later...the Apprentice has become the Mentor as I opened Black Lace Ink in June 2016. Black Lace Ink has grown considerably in the last several years and I hope to continue to grow the business in the years to come!

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