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Imagine waking up with your brows and liner done and ready to go when you start your day.  Black Lace Ink is thrilled to announce the expansion of our portfolio of body art services to include cosmetic tattooing, expanding on our vision of being your one-stop shop for all of your permanent beauty desires. 

With that being said, we are happy to introduce you to our cosmetic tattooing professional:


Jen Lucas

cosmetic tattoo professional


Brows – Full, dimensional, and flawless brows are your right.  If you have partial, faint, inconsistent, or even no eye brows, cosmetic tattooing can help bring your expressions to life. Brows are an excellent place to start with cosmetic tattooing.   Achieving fuller, bolder eye brows through cosmetic tattooing enhances your natural beauty.  Cosmetic tattooing can be a safer alternative to microblading and has a more natural look. 

Eye Liner – Although liners may seem a little intimidating to many permanent makeup clients, in reality it is a relatively easy solution to an age-old problem:  Looking perfect takes FOREVER and can be quite the hassle.  Having your liner tattooed enhances the natural beauty of your eyes, which is everyone’s loveliest feature. Your experience at Black Lace Ink is unique – we combine the knowledge and wisdom of cosmetology with the experience and steady hand of a seasoned industry professional


We are now booking consultations for the above services. All clients should have a discussion with our cosmetic professional before booking the services desired.

There are many ways to book your consultation. Give us a call at Black Lace Ink at (224)300-4465, send us an email to, or utilize our online booking option on our website .

Remember: Black Lace Ink has gift cards! This can be a great gift or surprise for that someone in your life who has been hinting at wanting these cosmetic enhancements.



First Appointment $350

0-6 months Basic Fill $80/Color Boost $120

6-12 months Basic Fill $120/Color Boost $240


First appointment $250

Touch-Up Filler $100

Beauty Marks

Starts at $80.00


By consultation only


Pricing may vary between clients and their needs. Prices are subject to change.


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